The Battle Lines Are Wrong

I’ve been pretty frustrated lately. I’m just saddled with this feeling of helplessness and impending, unstoppable doom that seems to be coming for our democracy. Many Americans think the great and powerful United States could never falter, but I worry about our future. With the way things are headed, how can things possibly change for the better? People on both sides seem to be fighting so hard for what they believe is right, but things just get worse and worse. I’ve just been feeling so, so hopeless.  Until… I realized the root of the problem.

The battle lines we’ve drawn are all wrong.

If I say “it’s us against them” what do you immediately think of? Most people probably think Republicans vs. Democrats or liberals vs. conservatives. The answer should be, I believe, reasonable vs. unreasonable. Or, moderates vs. extremists or negotiators vs. obstructionists or something to that effect… right?!?

If we were to redraw the battle lines, it would be total domination by the reasonable majority. I believe in the innate good of my fellow Americans and together we now face a crossroads. We either continue the downward spiral or do something fundamentally different.

So, I started thinking. We just need a plan. Maybe that plan starts with me. Maybe the first step is to stop whining and complaining,  go against my deeply ingrained introvert instincts, and take a shot at something. I want to redraw those battle lines. But it can’t just be me of course, I need to get millions of other Americans on board. Ok, so I’ll simply start a reasonable revolution that will go down in history as dramatically altering the course of The United States, and for that matter humanity itself. Easy peasy. You on board? Great! Here is my plan to save America.