A Reasonable Plan to Save America


…but feel free to give me feedback…

If I have any point to make, it is that massive power flip flopping between two unreasonable, uncompromising, extremist political parties is a major part of the problem in the United States today. We need for the reasonable majority to re-gain control of our government.

A solution has to be simple in order to assemble the kind of reasonable majority needed to proceed. Some tenants:

No single party should be able to pass legislation without any votes from their opposition. We’ve seen when unchecked by their opposition, both parties can’t control themselves and take things too far. We’re better together.

No decent person can be 100% loyal to their party and the United States. Both parties have good ideas and our representatives need to be able to vote their conscious without fear of being dropped by their party.

The Plan

Step 1: Find a group of people who can agree to the above.

Step 2: Run against the Republicans and Democrats in every election.

Step 3: Win enough seats in the House and Senate so that neither party has a majority.

Step 4: Insist on getting back to reasonable order.

Note that we do not require any particular stance on any specific issue and welcome the most conservative conservative and the most liberal liberal, as long as they are reasonable, capable of compromise, and ready to serve.

We should be especially active in running in uncontested districts where it is easy for extremists to win and where it would be easier to get support from the opposition and reasonable among the dominant party.

This isn’t an unrealistic goal. My first vision was to unseat everyone but really we’d just need a relatively small number of seats (e.g. 2 of us in the Senate could cause a 49 to 49 to 2 situation. As long as those 2 agree that they will not stand for a non-compromise approach, we can force participation by both parties.

Pre-emptive answers to your questions…

But, what if you’re people aren’t really qualified?

Before we need qualified people, we need decent people. Yes, I really believe that. I’d rather have a smart and decent person that knows nothing about politics (with knowledgeable advisers of course) than an experienced political genius who is a scoundrel.

How can reasonable representatives “insist” that we get back to reasonable order?

If any party tries to write legislation without due process and participation from everyone, the reasonable members will not vote for that legislation. Even if they happen to agree with it, the prime directive is to fix the broken process.